Opticlar LED Headlight with Dedicated Spectacle Fitting

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Opticlar VisionMed VM3

  • Clip in prescription lens frame
  • Lightweight sports-style frame
  • Supplied with attractive carry case

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  • Brilliant 3W LED the VM3S provides homogenous illumination and is ideal for most disciplines and especially suitable for domicilliary and paramedic applications
  • Quality illumination and exceptional brightness – circa 60,000 lux
  • Exceptional colour temperature – circa 5,500 – 6,000k
  • Homogenous light spot providing edge to edge consistent illumination and optimal spot size
  • Up to 12 hours continuous use from full charge of battery
  • 2 hour quick recharge time
  • Compact dimensions of battery unit reduces belt weight and increase comfort
  • Adjustable rheostat promotes easy adjustment of illumination