Introducing Dr Schumacher range of Surgery Disinfection

Introducing Dr Schumacher range of Surgery Disinfection

Fitzmedical Supplies are delighted to announce the addition of Dr. Schumacher GmbH range of disinfectants to our range.

We now have the full range of disinfection which will cover instruments, skin and surfaces. All products supplied will be effective against all enveloped viruses and will be a vital essential to your surgery hygiene practice. A safe disinfection efficacy, a broad activity spectrum as well as good cleaning properties are the basic requirements for the development of instrument disinfectants.

Disinfection and cleaning of surfaces are very important measures to maintain the hygiene standard in medical facilities such as hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes as well as in the food industry.

Since the Dr. Schumacher range of products can be applied to all kinds of surfaces such as floors, walls and small surfaces on devices and machines, cleaning properties as well as material compatibility play an important role in addition to the antimicrobial efficacy.

The Dr. Schumacher range offers fast acting preparations for combined cleaning and disinfection providing excellent cleaning abilities and a high degree of material compatibility. Due to the broad activity spectrum these products can also be used for high-risk areas. Our skin-care products are made with high-quality care oils as well as moisturising and skin regenerating ingredients.

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