Anaesthetic Face Mask ClearLite Size 5

1.85 including vat

  • ClearLite™, anaesthetic face mask, size 5, large adult, orange seal
  • no hook ring
  • Size 22F
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ClearLite™ is non-PVC and phthalate free which significantly minimises the impact upon the environment. The range is available without a hook ring to reduce waste.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight: Provides enhanced grip and comfort in use for the clinician.
  • Anatomical shape: Provides a precise fit for different face shapes and sizes. Minimum pressure is required to achieve an effective seal reducing the risk of inadvertent trauma and nerve damage.
  • Crystal clear body: Provides excellent visibility for confirmation that the patient is well perfused.
  • Reduced mask volume: Reduces potential rebreathing and risks associated with elevated levels of end tidal CO2.
  • Safe and secure connection: This is achieved between the mask and the breathing system in use.  The ISO 22mm tapered connection complies with ISO 5356.
  • Flexible non-inflatable cuff: Provides a comfortable and effective airtight seal.
  • Colour-coding: The comfortable, flexible seal is colour coded to allow quick and easy identification of the correct sized mask.
  • Reduce waste: Available without a hook ring
  • Lower environmental impact: Non-PVC and phthalate free


Additional Information
Mask Size

size 4, adult, green seal, 22F