NasoSafe Nasopharyngeal Airways Set 4

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NasoSafe is an innovative Nasopharyngeal Airway. The swivel safety grip eliminates the risk of the airway from travelling down the nasal passage whilst providing maximum comfort for the patient.

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Patient Comfort

The swivel grip allows for positioning of the airway in the most comfortable position. The safety grip can be rotated through 360° to place the airway in the most convenient position without blocking the free nostril. The extended lip of the safety grip prevents the airway being sucked in while in situ.

Allows Access

NasoSafe is ideal when the oral passage is not accessible. It also allows for nasotracheal suctioning.

Better Tolerance

NasoSafe is better tolerated by patients than oropharyngeal airways.

Swivel Safety Grip

The NasoSafe swivel grip protects the nasopharyngeal airway from loss in the nasal passage.

Reduced Risk of Injury During Intubations

The rounded edge of the tip combined with the angle cut design helps to reduce the risk of injury during intubation.