BP Monitor Durashock DS55 Colour Black

92.25 including vat

This Silver Series sphygmomanometer comes in four stunning colours and includes a thumbscrew air release system for gradual air release to maximise patient comfort.

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  • Welch Allyn’s innovative Durashock technology keeps this sphygmomanometer calibrated, even when dropped or bumped, making it accurate and reliable.
  • 10 year warranty on the gauge itself.
  • Comes complete with a carry case for convenient storage and protection.
  • Shock resistant to prevent damage and decalibration.
  • Available in a selection of four vivid colours for extra personalisation.
  • Includes a thumbscrew air-release valve for slow and gradual air release.
  • Laser engraving of text and symbols to personalise your sphyg and avoid theft/loss.
  • Includes one Adult FlexiPort cuff – 25cm-34cm.