Rossmax Portable Mesh Nebuliser

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The Rossmax Portable Mesh Nebulizer is intended for use in treatment of asthma, COPD and other respiratory ailments in which an aerosolized medication is required during therapy. This nebulizer will provide you with many years of reliable treatments. Treatments are delivered quickly, safely and conveniently making this unit ideal for all ages in homecare.

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The Rossmax Portable Mesh Nebulizer is a handheld design, portable nebulizer that is built with state of the art MESH technology. The nebulizer uses electricity to vibrate a piezo that moves liquid formulations through a mini aperture plate to generate very fine aerosol medication for respiratory treatment. The battery operation, the portable design and the very quiet performance makes this mesh nebulizer very convenient and effective.

The Rossmax Portable Mesh Nebulizer has a nebulization Rate of ≥ 0.30 ml/min, MMAD of ≤4 μm and a Fine Particle Dose (FPD) of 70-75%. The nebulizer has consistent fine particle size for efficient respiratory treatment and a noise level lower than 20dB.