Spirigel Complete Virucidal Alcohol Hand Gel 750ml

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Spirigel Complete 750ml. Fully Virucidal 85% Alcohol hand sanitiser gel in 750ml bottle with integral pump dispenser bottle ensuring correct dosage and minimal wastage.

Effective against virsuses according to EN14476, including Norovirus. Spirigel complete is fully virucidal providing an extra level of protection around the hospital or work place. Spirigel complete is shown to be active against many viruses, yeasts and bacteria making it ideal for virus outbreaks and pandemics. Kind on skin as contains Aloe vera and Panthenol.

  • Contains 7 skin care ingredients to nourish and regenerate the skin
  • Fully virucidal according to EN14476, including Norovirus efficacy in 15 seconds
  • Provides an extra level of protection throughout the hospital
  • Wide range of dispensing options specifically designed for all points of use
  • Suitable for surgical use according to EN12791

(please note vat free for nursing homes and surgeries – please call prior to finalising payment)


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Spirigel™ complete is completely virucidal, providing an extra level of protection around the hospital, from wards to theatres. It is also suitable for high risk areas and outbreak situations.

Spirigel™ complete is shown to be active against many viruses (incl. norovirus), yeasts, mycobacteria and bacteria in a short contact time of only 15 seconds in the corresponding in vitro tests. This makes it highly benefcial for a busy healthcare environment.

It offers greater control during application leaving no sticky residues on the hands. Spirigel™ complete brings together the benefits of a gel and liquid to provide complete protection for healthcare professionals:

  • Reduced spillage, with more product retained on the hands
  • No dripping from dispensers, reducing risk of slipping
  • Easy application to help increase compliance
  • Economical to use due to controlled handling