Baileys Retractable Monfilament 10g

30.75 including vat

Bailey Instruments advises replacement after testing 10,000 times. If you use 5 sites per foot in your assessment, this is 10 sites per patient. Therefore you need to replace your monofilament after` 1000 patients have been tested. Another consideration found by Booth & Young is that the monofilament’s accuracy is maintained if allowed to rest. Their advice is to use one monofilament in the morning, and a different one in the afternoon. Ideally, in clinical practice you should alternate between two monofilaments.

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The Bailey Monofilament is an instrument used for testing peripheral neuropathy. It does this by applying a specific force to a point on the skin to assess the sensitivity of the skin at that point. The force applied is determined by the buckling load of the monofilament, which is transferred to the point of contact.

The load applied to a monofilament may be increased until it buckles, after which a constant force is transferred to the point of contact. The actual force applied is determined by the length and the diameter of the monofilament and by the mechanical properties of the material.

The Bailey Retractable Monofilament is a diagnostic device that consists of a monofilament mounted in a hand unit for protection when not in use.
The monofilament is primarily used for testing the feet of diabetes patients. If a patient cannot feel 10g, it can be said they have lost protective sensation and should be considered at risk for developing pressure or neuropathic ulcers.