Sharpak 35 Plus Sharpsbin 3.5 litres

5.52 including vat

  • Manufacturing and tested to BS7320:1990 & French standard
  • UN tested and certified
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Easy to operate rotating open/close/lock closure
  • Secure closure lock
  • Featuring visilock indicator feature
  • Needle/Vacutainer remover
  • Distinctive colouring and clear labelling
  • Tough and durable
  • Purpose designed bracket feature for simple wall and trolley mounting
  • Dedicated procedure tray available separately

Dimensions :

Height 195 mm / Width 177 mm / Aperture 59.8 x 49mm

Max Capacity 3.5 litres / Capacity to fill line 2.63 litres

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The SHARPAK 35 sharps container has been developed to compliment the Sharpak Plus range offering more product choice for the infection control sector. The revised aperture incorporates an insulin pen needle removing feature and the container can be used with a dedicated
procedure tray.

The SHARPAK 35 ‘PLUS’ is approved to the British Standard BS7320:1990 and tested and certified in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Chapter 9, UN3291 Clinical Waste, Unspecified, NOS.