Urine Beaker with Green Screw On Lid Pack 100

22.14 including vat

Robust material: the urine cups are made of polypropylene

  • Practical leakage protection: the screw lid protects against leakage of the cup contents as well as from external influences.
  • Ideal capacity for urine samples ▸ The Medi-Inn urine sample cup has a capacity of 125 ml with graduations in 10 ml increments to 100 ml (each second line with number) making it ideal for storing urine samples for in-vitro diagnostic examinations
  • box of 100 beakers with green lid
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  • ideal for collecting and storage of samples of all types
  • pressure resistant and shatterproof, solid and steady
  • optimal visibility of content, graduated
  • wide opening for easy and safe filling
  • fluid tight sealing screw cap with thread
  • sealing is completely uncomplicated and immediately comprehensible
  • frosted surface on cups and lids for identification marking
  • material: PP/HD-PE