Burnsoothe Gel 125ml

7.24 including vat

The Reliance Medical Burnsoothe Gel is a great addition to any first aid burns kit and is ideal for applying to minor burns, sunburn and scalds. The gel works by absorbing and dissipating any heat to halt the burning process and relieve pain. Can be used on dressings due to its readily absorbable nature and could prove to be useful almost anywhere their is risk of burning.

Features and Benefits

  • Soothing, cooling, non-toxic burn gel for instant relief
  • Available in 125ml bottles
  • Guaranteed sterile and burn safe for hygiene
  • Fast-acting and easy-to-use in an emergency situation
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Emergency first aid burn treatment, relieves pain, cools and comforts, helps prevent contamination and is non-adherent.

  • Safe for use on all types of burns
  • Instant burn relief and protection
  • Available as dressing or gel