Silver Nitrate Applicator 75% Pack of 10

18.45 including vat

  • Used for cauterization of skin or mucus membrane and for the removal of granulation tissue, warts and verruca
  • ┬áMay be bent or shaped to enable easy access to the ear, nose, or throat cavities
  • Molded at high temperatures which make the applicator hygienic and splinter-free
  • Avoca Applicators are designed for use by medical professionals
  • Packed 10 per bag with expiry date and batch number printed.

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The Bray Avoca silver nitrate caustic applicators are simple to use, effective and economical for various medical applications, including verruca and wart removal on the hands and feet. The application process virtually pain-free for the patient.


Widely used throughout the world by physicians, surgeons, nurses, midwives, podiatrists, dentists, general practitioners and veterinary surgeons.
Uses include nongenital warts and verrucas, granulation tissue, wound healing, stoma maintenance, umbilical stumps, cautery, anterior epistaxis, vasomotor rhinitis, post-bioptic cervical nicks, skin tags and pain relief for aphthous stomatitis.
The application of silver nitrate caustic is almost completely painless.
75% w/w silver nitrate applicator, with a 15cm (6 inch) long bendable yellow plastic stick.
Moulded at high temperatures, an Avoca silver nitrate caustic applicator is hygienic and will not splinter in contrast to wooden sticks