Instrument Disinfectant Multisteril CTRL 1 Ltr

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Liquid concentrate for cleansing and disinfection of instruments prior to autoclaving.

1 litre bottle

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Multisteril CD Ctrl Alt Between May and July 2014, the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine of the Technical University of Dresden performed technical and microbiological tests on the use of the Tecno-Gaz Multisteril multifunctional basin with Tecno-Gaz Ctrl Alt liquids (Multisteril CD). The tests showed the effectiveness of instrument cleansing and disinfection using Multisteril and Multisteril CD. The EN 15883 European Standard was followed; this lays down the special requirements for washing and disinfection devices (WDS) developed to obtain the disinfection level that thermal cleansing and disinfection ensures.