Epiglu Skin Adhesive Single Dose .30ml

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Epiglu skin adhesive single dose .30ml

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The tissue adhesive EPIGLU® from Meyer-Haake more than fulfills the demands on modern and ideal wound treatment concerning barely visible scars and fast and problem-free healing. In comparison, laying stitches has necessarily disadvantages because removing of the sutures after the healing process is often associated with fear and time expenditure by the patient. Looking at the infection side, wound care is facing increasing difficult requirements. EPIGLU® secures the wound infection-secure.

EPIGLU® is characterized by:
  • Adheres wounds of every length and even wounds that are under tension
  • Easy application with disposable pipettes
  • Fast polymerization
  • Protects the wound from infections
  • No burning sensation after application
  • No removal of the stitches – the tissue adhesive detaches after 8 to 10 days
  • No follow-up treatment necessary