BP Monitor Durashock DS65 Colour Black

134.07 including vat

  • Individually laser-engraved dial for improved accuracy
  • Shock resistant to maintain accuracy and provide lower lifetime costs
  • Ergonomic design for added comfort and easy operation
  • Trigger valve for easy deflation
  • Latex-free, Adult FlexiPort cuff
  • Soft storage case

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With its gear-free design, the DuraShock Sphygmomanometer has fewer moving parts to provide a gauge which is shock resistant.

The DuraShock has been tested and validated to withstand a drop of 76cm onto a hard surface and still remain accurate, and meets the AAMI Shock Resistant specification.

The DS65  aneroid sphygs are supplied with a standard FlexiPort latex-free adult cuff, which can be changed quickly and easily for other cuffs in the FlexiPort range