Rapid Rhino Nasal Dressing Gel-Knit Goodman 5.5cm

25.20 including vat

The Rapid Rhino gel-knit removable nasal dressing is a non-inflatable intranasal splint intended to prevent post-op adhesions, control minor bleeding and allow for easy removal with minimal patient discomfort. The removable dressing has an ultra-low-profile and a self-lubricating hydrocolloid fabric covering that provides for ease of insertion and removal of the dressing. Gel-knit removable nasal dressings are available : Goodman 5.5 cm


  •  Control Bleeding
  • Provide Support To The Following Septum Surgery
  • Used To Treat Chronic Nose Bleeds

SINU-KNIT is a dissolvable post-op nasal dressing (intranasal splint) intended to minimize bleeding and edema and to prevent adhesions within the nasal cavity.
Made of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) that has been formed into a convenient mesh-like fabric, SINU-KNIT converts to a dense gel after hydration. This dense gel provides a moist hydrocolloid physical barrier that minimizes occurrence of post-op bleeding and adhesions.

  • Forms a viscous hydrocolloid gel when hydrated
  • Absorbs multiple times its weight in water
  • Minimizes intra- and postoperative bleeding and edema
  • Provides a moist physical barrier that supports and separates mucosal tissue to minimize post-op adhesions
  • Dissolves through normal outflow for easy post-op debridement. No need to remove post-op packing
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Rapid Rhino

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