Omnifix F® 3 Piece Syringe 1ml Luer Box 100

22.14 including vat

  • Fine 0.01 ml graduation for precise dosage of smallest volumes
  • Highly transparent barrel with high contrast black graduation for easy reading and exact dosing
  • Rubber piston with double sealing ring allows slow aspiration and injection
  • Safe plunger backstop to prevent unintentional plunger withdrawal

Will only be supplied to GP/Nursing Home addresses.  All other orders will be cancelled and €5 handling fee applied.

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  • Fine 0.01 ml graduation (1)
  • Highly transparent barrel
  • High contrast black graduation
  • Integrated plunger backstop (2)
  • Luer connector
  • Barrel made of polypropylene
  • Plunger made of polystyrene
  • Rubber piston with double sealing ring made of polyisoprene
  • Not manufactured with PVC,
  • Latex and DEHP
  • Sterile single packaging
  • Braun Reference 9161406V
  • Box of 100 pcs