Vacutainer® Set Pack 24

46.74 including vat

The BD Vacutainer® Push Button Blood Collection Set with Pre-Attached Holder helps guard against costly, potentially debilitating needlesticks, allowing caregivers to focus on superior patient care.

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Safety with the push of a button

Provides split-second protection against needlestick injury. Clinically demonstrated to reduce accidental needlestick injuries by 88% with zero injuries in the final 21 months of the study1. Ease of use reduces training requirements and is designed to improve activation compliance. Mitigates significant costs associated with needlestick infections. In-vein needle retraction for a positive patient experience. Reduces the risk of professional or patient exposure to a contaminated needle. Delivers easy activation while minimizing patient discomfort. Telling patients that the audible “click” signifies the procedure is complete may improve patient experience.