LBF Skin Barrier Film Spray 30 ml

10.44 including vat

  • Long lasting skin protection
  • Alcohol free; no sting
  • Sterile; use on intact and broken skin
  • Healthcare grade silicones
  • Provides ideal surface for adhesion of stoma pouches
  • Dries rapidly; pouch can be applied within seconds
  • Skin friendly; latex, preservative and fragrance-free

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Protecting peristomal skin is a complex process that is often taken for granted until damage occurs. Clinimed LBF Barrier Film Spray provides a protective barrier which dries rapidly on the skin, forming a breathable transparent film that protects skin from corrosive bodily fluids such as urine, faeces, digestive enzymes and sweat, which can cause skin to become red and sore. It is also great for sensitive skin as it helps to prevent the sticky adhesive on stoma pouches from causing irritation or damage during removal.

Clinimed LBF Barrier Film Spray contains a no sting healthcare-grade silicone fluid that forms a transparent film on the skin and that acts as a protective barrier against damage from bodily fluids and waste and skin stripping caused by repeated application and/or removal of adhesives. The film spray is sterile, alcohol free and is a no sting spray that has a skin friendly formulation. It is not manufactured with natural rubber latex, and is great for skin that is too sore to touch as you can spray from any angle.

Size: 30ml