Vibratip Vibration Sense Testing Device

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Vibratip – A simple disposable device that delivers a reliable and discrete stimulus to the skin to test for preservation of vibration sense, is for use by health care professionals and by patients monitoring progressive nerve dysfunction associated with diabetes.

Q: How long does VibraTip™ last?  A: About 35 minutes of continuous vibration if the button is held down. In terms of clinical use, if it takes 10 or 20 seconds of vibration to assess a patient, the device should last for several months
Q: We use a 10g monofilament. Why should we change? A: Monofilament and VibraTip™ test different sensory modalities. As it takes only a few seconds, perhaps it would be worth adding VibraTip™ use to your current monofilament protocol to see how the results compare?

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  • Operating frequency: ~128Hz
  • Operating duration: Approximately 35 minutes


  • Hold VibraTip gently between thumb and index finger
  • Gently touch the patient’s intact skin twice, each time for about 1 second, with the rounded tip of VibraTip, explaining that ‘this is touch one’ and ‘this is touch two’
  • Randomly activate VibraTip on either the first or second touch
  • Ask the patient which of the two touches was associated with vibration
  • Clean VibraTip between uses with an alcohol swab